Pompeii V   72” x 36”

Peggy began her career as a sculptor in the late 1970’s and now works primarily on canvas. She has studied in several environments, including the Glassell School, the Art League of Houston, and the West End Gallery in Santa Fe.  She graduated from Arkansas State University and received a Masters degree from the University of Texas.  Her paintings are displayed in private and corporate collections across America and Canada.  Much of Peggy’s work consist of multiple layers of color and texture, often employing encaustic techniques.  Her recent series of paintings, “Roma,” are inspired by crumbling stucco, faded Italian frescoes, and urban graffiti.  The heavy layers in much of Peggy’s work echo the understated elegance of wall sculptures, an amalgamation of paining and her past focus on sculpture. 

“(Peggy) paints breathtaking abstractions constructed with Rothko like horizontal color tiers.  Textural variation heightens their drama, ranging from thickly applied, mixed with sand or wax, to thinly painted passages.  The viewer’s eye notes uneven pull of the palette knife revealing ground color beneath.”   

-Virginia Billeaud Anderson, Greater Houston Weekly

“If Port’s touch is interesting, her color choices are down right sensuous.  Her recent ‘Pompeii’ series featured that decadent red from the Villa of the Mysteries’ fresco walls.  There can’t be a more hedonistic color in all of art, especially offset with elegant swatches of green or turquoise.” 

  -Virginia Billeaud Anderson, Art Critic and Writer

“The textural paintings of this H-Town staple speaks to the thumping Texas contemporary vibe.”

-Houston Luxury Magazine

“(Peggy Port’s art is) a mixture of old world and contemporary.”

-Gary Mertins, At Home Arkansas

“Port’s Art Works - in style and color and any location.

-Michelle LaRocco, Art critic and professor

© Peggy Port

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